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France Prešeren

France Prešeren

Slovenian poet France Prešeren (1800-1849) was the contemporary (and in some cases translator) of great Romantic poets such as Mickiewicz, Pushkin, Lord Byron and others. Born into a rural family, he was intended to become a priest, but instead studied philosophy and later law at the University of Vienna. In the early 19th century literature proper in Slovenian was just developing and Prešeren’s poetry was a decisive contribution to this development. A well-read man and polyglot (who also wrote poetry in German and even Latin), he was influenced by Romantic aesthetic theories and contemporary poetry as well as European classics. One of the masters of the poetic form, especially the sonnet, he is considered to be one of the best Romantic poets.

Prešeren’s poems are now available as poetry should be: for listening, not silent reading. It is not by chance that Slovenian language uses the same word for “poem” and “song”.

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France Prešeren's works: