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Neža Maurer

Neža Maurer

Neža Maurer Škofič (born 22 December 1930) is a Slovene poet and writer. She writes for children, young adults and adults and has also worked as a translator, journalist, editor and teacher.

Maurer was born in the village of Podvin near Polzela in 1930. She trained as a teacher in Ljubljana and taught in schools in Črni vrh nad Idrijo and Ilirska Bistrica and at the same time got a degree in Slavistics from the University of Ljubljana. She worked as a journalist and program coordinator for youth programs at TV Ljubljana and as a contributor and editor at numerous magazines and journals. She lives in Škofja Loka and in her retirement continues to be a prolific writer and poet.

In 2010 she received the Poetry Gold Medal for her life's work.

Neža Maurer's works: