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Tone Pavček

Tone Pavček

Tone Pavček was born on 29 September 1928 at Šentjurij in southeastern Slovenia. He graduated from a classical high school, and went on to study law, receiving a bachelor's degree in 1954, although he never performed legal services.

Throughout his life, he was devoted to literature as poet, author of children's books and translator. From his first published poems in Pesmi štirih (Poems of the Four, 1953) to his final pages of Angeli (Angels, 2012) his poetry is entwined with vitalism and positive attitudes towards life. His poetry for children gained a wide audience due to its original fairy-tale motifs, integrating fantasy and folk elements. Through words and rhythm, sparkling with wit and optimism, he is able to communicate to his readers on a personal level, inviting them to relive their own experiences.

As a highly prolific writer, Pavček's work was recognized by a number of institutions. For the contribution to children's literature he was a three-time recipient of the Levstik Award (1958, 1961, 2005), and two-time nominee for the Hans Christian Andersen Award (2010, 2012). He received the Prešeren Fund Award (1965) and Grand Prešeren Award (1986) for his collections of poems Ujeti ocean (Trapped Ocean) and Dediščina (Heritage). For the book Ujedanke: obrazi naše vsakdanjosti he received the Veronika Award (2007). His translations were recognized with the Sovre Award in 1979.

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