Sanje Publishing

by Igor Leonardi

  • Recorded in San Francisco, New York, Dubrovnik and Ljubljana between 1995 and 2006
  • Produced by Igor Leonardi
  • Mastering: Martin Šverc
  • Design: Ermin Međedović, studio designis
  • Cover Photo: Gregor Humar
  • Booklet photos: Urban Štebljaj
  • Sam Newsome performing rights: SomeNew Music
  • Track 1, was created for Magic Theatre Serpentes, Track 8(9) for the movie Spar Parts.

At the age of 19 Igor Leonardi traveled to India in search of spiritual and musical experiences. A sitar player invited Leonardi to stay with him and his family. His youngest daughter, who was training to be a singer, was called Sangeeta, which is a Hindu word for music or songs. This simple and beautiful fact made Leonardi aware of the deep artistic devotion.

Years later he spent some time with traditional musicians in West Africa, the jelis. The jeli families used to be the bearers of history and culture in ancient Manding kingdoms. Music, dance and singing was once considered the most important aspect of the evolving human civilization. This was the purpose ...

In Sangeeta, Leonardi brings together various musical traditions and artists from all over the world. This is an album about tradition in transition.