Sanje Publishing

Afghanistan: Unordinary Lives
by Manca Juvan

  • photobook
  • published March 2012
  • 196 pages, 76 full colour photos
  • hardcover
  • rights available: world, co-edition options
Afghanistan: Unordinary Lives

More than ten years after 9/11 and the international community’s intervention against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the promises of bringing democracy and rebuilding this war-torn nation have proved elusive. The ongoing war and instability in Afghanistan – justified in the name of international security yet sweetened with fleeting glimpses of domestic peace, development and prosperity – continues to diminish the hope of the Afghan people, who have been caught up in this endless conflict of interests and struggles for money, power, and control. Stories of ordinary Afghans deserve to be both told and seen in order to remind us what the real images of war and poverty – of lives far from ordinary – look like.

»This book is a testimony to the Afghan poor, vulnerable and excluded. … While myths perpetuate of Afghans as war-mongering or ungovernable, these photographs serve to shatter those perceptions, shed light on the lives of those devastated by the path and consequences of thirty years of conflict at the crossroads of three continents. These are the lives of people yearning for participation in a just order, to earn a decent living and access the most basic of services.« Clare Lockhart, Co-Founder and Director of the Institute for State Effectiveness, and co-author of the book Fixing Failed States

»The purpose of this assemblage is not to shock readers into action, as much as to bring those suffering such predicaments into a light of their own, to be accepted and greeted with dignity, with mutual support, and embraced.« Karim Merchant, freelance international Consultant on Rural Development and Senior Advisor on strategy, policy and programmes

Sample pages of the book are available in the attachement.