Sanje Publishing

Centipedes, Frogs and Other Title Roles
by Vesna Fabjančič Rustja

  • original title: Žabe, stonoge in druge glavne vloge
  • first published in 2011
  • 64 pages
  • illustrated by Vesna Fabjančič Rustja
  • rights available: world
  • co-edition options
Centipedes, Frogs and Other Title Roles

A brave book of very special illustrations accomplished by Vesna Fabjančič Rustja, protégé of an occupational activity centre. It happened like this. There was Erika, an art teacher, who was encouraging her pupil to practice her artistic sensibility, while also writing poetry herself. And there was Vesna, master of the brush, who was sharpening her tastes and painting. Both of them were crafty in capturing the meaning, thus producing a book that bows to pedagogical practices of the best kind.

Sample pages of the book are available in the attachement.

Vesna Fabjančič Rustja, although young, has lived through much experience, even of the worst kind. When she was sixteen she spent almost a whole year fighting for her life. She didn’t surrender. What saved her was paper and coloured pencils. In Erika Pavlin, she found her mentor who helped her develop her expression in art. Like her personality, Vesna’s images are colourful and completely unique.