Sanje Publishing

Chatting With Oneself
by Helena Cestnik

  • original title: Klepet s seboj
  • novel
  • first published in 2010
  • 288 pages
  • rights available: world
Chatting With Oneself

Chatting with Oneself, subtitled A Real Tale from a Delusion, serves as the introduction into a series of works on Helena, her search of values and her personal growth. The first-person narrative emerged from the bottom of the deepest human anguish. Ascending together with the narrator, the reader discovers the joy of talking, the greatness of love, and the purpose of hardships. Helena, an unnoticeable woman of about forty is faced with fatal diseases and human mundanity, yet she refuses to abandon her values originating in her childhood nearby Strnigovje. This is why Chatting with Oneself is a book for everybody questioning the purpose of their own existence.