Sanje Publishing

Fuckin’ Smokers
by Svetlana Makarovič

  • original title: Prekleti kadilci
  • pamphlet
  • first published in 2001
  • 72 pages
  • No 1 bestseller in Slovenia
  • rights available: world
Fuckin’ Smokers

Fuckin’ Smokers is a pamphlet against smoking written by an inveterate smoker. It mingles reflective passages, poems, bits of narrative and illustrations, everything seasoned with a healthy (or rather: unhealthy) pinch of sharp-tongued cynism. For all those who have had enough of political correctness, smokers and nonsmokers alike.
This minor work by Makarovič is her response to recent anti-smoking campaigns that tend to obscure the real problems in society.

Sample Italian translation is available in the attachement (translated by Alenka Možina).