Sanje Publishing

Here Comes a Gigantic Lion
by Kristina Brenkova

  • original title: Prišel je velikanski lev
  • first published in 2010
  • 32 pages
  • illustrated by Polona Lovšin
  • rights sold: Colombia (Panamericana), China (Grand China Publishing House), Italy (Gruppo Macro)
  • co-edition options
Here Comes a Gigantic Lion

Where the sun burns the sand, a gigantic lion dwells. Hey, that’s the lion that from Africa arrived. Aware of good manners, the bushy mane rings for Matija, it is hullabaloo we’re after. On his way across the desert, the boy is tempted promptly by the golden coconut on a palm, and tra-la-la, a traveller of all sorts awakens in him. Yet Matija will soon long for home, to be in his mother’s mildest shelter. The witty story of Matija and the gigantic lion is accompanied by gentle and playful illustrations by the acclaimed Slovenian illustrator Polona Lovšin.

Sample pages of the book are available in the attachement.

Kristina Brenk, also known as Kristina Brenkova (1911 - 2009), was a writer, poet, translator and editor, best known for her books for children. From 1949 until her retirement in 1973 she worked as an editor at the Mladinska Knjiga publishing house. In 1999 she received the Levstik Award, awarded for achievements in children's literature, for her lifetime achievements in children's writing. In 2011 the award for Best Original Slovene Children's Book, bestowed since 2003 by the Slovenian Publishers Association, was named after Kristina Brenkova.

Polona Lovšin is an academy-trained painter. In the past decade, her heartfelt illustrations have been featured in numerous picture books for children, thus winning her acclaim in Slovenia and abroad. She has exhibited her works at Bologna Book Fair, and biennials of illustration in Slovenia, Slovakia and Japan.