Sanje Publishing

Heya BOOMbarasa
by Frane Milčinski - Ježek

  • original title: Gusarska
  • first published in 2015
  • 20 pages
  • illustrated by Gorazd Vahen
  • rights available: world
  • co-edition options
Heya BOOMbarasa

  • On the sea, there is a black tempest, In its midst a big black boat. On a boat, there is a black sail, On the sail, a great white skull. Hey BOOMbarasa ...

    In the hull, the pirate's treasure: Seven dead heads in the dark, Every head with seven knives - Each of them covered with blood! Hey BOOMbarasa ...

    There is thunder, there is lightning, Vicious waves come rolling by, Seven pirates on the ship's deck the sky and sea alone defy. Hey BOOMbarasa ...

    A battleship on the horizon, Captain shouts: Now follow me! Man that gun and draw your cutlass! Show these dogs who rules the sea! Hey BOOMbarasa ...

    Not a battle, but a carnage, One by one all pirates fall. Captain is the last man standing, With his back against the wall. Hey BOOMbarasa ...

    Fuse in hand, he jumps below deck, Making for the powder store. A strike of flint, a tiny spark there ... BOOM! The ship is there no more.

  • Frane Milčinski - Ježek (1914—88), actor, director, author of screen and radio plays (co-author of Kekec, Golden Lion for best youth film in 1952), singer, poet and writer, was one of the most prominent media personalities in Slovenia and without doubt Slovenia’s greatest humourist and satirist. He received numerous awards, including the Prešeren award (the most prestigious Slovenian award in the arts) for lifetime achievement in 1975. Throughout his life, Ježek remained a man of and for the people. In spite of Ježek’s great popularity, his work has become widely available only in the last ten years as his cassettes, CDs and books of his short stories, poems and songs have been released by Sanje.

    Gorazd Vahen graduated in design from Ljubljana Academy of Arts. His illustrations appear in picture books, textbooks and on book covers. His credentials include a series of works by Terry Pratchett and several picture books based on texts by the distinguished Slovenian author of works for children, Svetlana Makarovič. He also designs puppets for the theatre.