Sanje Publishing

People of Simpleton Sowing Salt
by Fran Milčinski

  • original title: V Butalah sejejo sol
  • first published in 2013
  • 28 pages
  • illustrated by Ana Razpotnik Donati
  • rights sold: Colombia (Panamericana)
  • co-edition options
People of Simpleton Sowing Salt

The witty series recounting the adventures of people of Simpleton continues with the impudent and clever tale called People of Simpleton Sowing Salt. The people of Simpleton have by now acquired common sense, but they are in need of salt as they have had it with buying it elsewhere. What else can they do but sow it? And they do! A few months later when the fields are green, they taste the »keen early salt« and are excited by the prospect of a rich harvest if even the early salt stings so much. As it happens, we are nearing the harvest of nettles which suggests the »salt« will be even keener once it is ripe.

The new literary adventure of people of Simpleton is complemented by superb illustrations, the work of Ana Razpotnik Donati, which are uniquely suited to Fran Milcinski’s flashes of wit and will entertain both the youngest and younger readers as well as those slightly older ones who will find parallels between the most recent story from Simpleton and current social events.

Sample pages of the book are available in the attachement.

Fran Milčinski (1867—1932), also an acclaimed judge and excellent satirist, is today best remembered for his children’s and young adults’ works. His children’s tales are often based on traditional tales or storytelling patterns, but in the hands of one of the best Slovenian storytellers of all time, they acquire an unmistakeable Milčinski flair.

Ana Razpotnik Donati is a Slovenian illustrator who lives and works in Perugia, Italy. She illustrates picture books and children's magazines, and also designs puppet theatre sceneries. She has exhibited her work widely in Slovenia and Italy, and won the Slovenian prize for Best Illustrated Book of 2009.