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Human: Instructions for Use (Operating guide to healthy body)
by Nara Petrovič

  • original title: Človek: navodila za uporabo
  • first published in 2007, 3 reprints
  • 260 pages
  • rights held by Sanje
  • rights available: world
Human: Instructions for Use (Operating guide to healthy body)

The book Human: Instructions for Use is the result of two decades of research and practice of natural living. It unveils dozens of cultural blunders of the Western life-style that no other author had written about so comprehensively and with so much common sense, wit and genius. The book brings up shocking questions, revealing the adversity of such seemingly harmless items as chairs, tables, toothbrushes, sitting toilets, shoes, calendars etc. It exposes a number of crippling cultural norms that are blindly upheld only because they are so widely accepted. The author proposes one single measure of how human beings ought to live: basic human anatomy. Elementary behaviours, ingrained in the anatomy of human-animal at least a hundred thousand years ago, prove to be universal and fundamental to health. Once you turn the last page of this revolutionary book you will understand how strongly the irrational – and even insane – habits of the Western culture crippled your body. The alternatives listed in the book are quite often audacious; you might want to brush them off as irrelevant or even crazy, but if you keep an open mind and read on you will end up with a twinkle in your eye and irresistible urge to do what will suddenly seem the only right thing to do.

Draft English translation is available on request.

A reader’s comment:

    “I read your book Human: Instructions for Use… I literally devoured it! For many years I had a feeling of stagnation, of slumber. Already after the first pages of the book I felt a strong urge to change. I tried out a few things suggested in the book and every time the results were amazing; be it the breathing exercises, chewing sticks, squatting defecation, barefooting… I actually went for a hike to a nearby mountain barefoot. The weather was bad (3ºC), the peak was covered in snow. I made it all the way and enjoyed it immensely. All I can say is: Feet are fantastic instruments! All in all I wanted to say thank you for taking dark glasses off my eyes. (I might need an additional slap in the face every now and then so it would really stick with me.) Anyway – a big THANK YOU!”
Luka Vaupotic

This groundbreaking book should be read by every editor of health manuals; it belongs in every school and kindergarten.

A book on how we can become what we already are and regain global health: one of the best ever written manuals about healthy living in a surplus society.