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#Human (Millions are Dying, Europe is Lying.)
by Srečko Kosovel

  • original title: #Človek (Milijoni umirajo, a Evropa laže.)
  • first published in 2013
  • 80 pages
  • Translated by David Brooks and Alenka Ropret
  • rights available: world
#Human (Millions are Dying, Europe is Lying.)

Political absolutism has been putting pressure on the worn out Europe. For the very last time it wants to capture the half-dead, weary Man who no longer has any blood in order to bleed. After it has drained people of power It wants to reign, enslave them. This is why Europe is dying.

A selection of thoughts by Srečko Kosovel, terrifyingly topical and near fatal to today’s feigned ignorance. Like cosmic energy, they bring man to life. Forged by a poet of the Universe, a visionary, they are based on a world-embracing perspective.

There are very few major European poets of the early twentieth century not already known to English-language audiences, but Srecko Kosovel is one. (Salt Publishing)

A selection of poems available in English translation.