Sanje Publishing

by Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović

  • original title: Glad
  • first published in 2009
  • represented by Sanje for Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam

Hunger, written by the eminent Serbian author Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović, is a story of the power and powerlessness of money, of the rise and fall, of thoughtless greed, of shame and repentance. It is a story about a poverty-stricken individual who feels misunderstood, discarded and deprived in today's world, but to whom business triumphs and wealth beyond his wildest dreams don't bring happiness much less peace of mind. The protagonist remains nameless and a part of him is hiding in all of us – we recognize him in the hunger for money and power, and the need to possess people and things.

The novel is a story of all our hungers; of the hunger for worldly goods, of the hunger for success and recognition, of the hunger for love, sex and prestige. It is also a story of delusions and alienation, of mental and emotional void, of trawling through the darkest corners of one's subconscious, of self-examination and seeking for the essence of one's existence.

Human nature hasn't changed much through the centuries and obsession with money is a key trait of modern civilisation. The story is thus universal and could happen anywhere on our planet. The author exposes the madness and nonsense of consumer society, urging the reader to reflect on his or her values. This lies at the core of the novel.

Draft Chinese translation is available on request,