Sanje Publishing

I’ll Walk Through Springtime Rain
by Mila Kačič

  • original title: Skoz pomladni dež bom šla
  • poetry
  • first published in 2006
  • bestseller (2 editions, 5 reprints)
  • represented by Sanje
  • rights available: world
I’ll Walk Through Springtime Rain

Acclaimed actor, Mila Kačič (1912−2000) has been overlooked by critics as a poet, but readers have decided otherwise. Her words are simple and few, but subtle and precise. They go deep, tracing an encyclopaedia of love in all its forms and registers. Poignant, tender and sensitive, her poems evoke rather than tell, letting the silence breathe between the short, fragmentary lines.

This is the first complete edition of her poems. It has become an overnight bestseller, a unique achievement for a poetry collection anywhere.

There is not stone enough
In the world
To carve into it
All the longing
Of man
And you only have two hands
And one single heart