Sanje Publishing

Illuminated Rock
by Franček Knez

  • original title: Ožarjeni kamen
  • memoir
  • first published in 2009
  • 208 pages
  • rights sold: Alpine Studio (Italy)
Illuminated Rock

Illuminated Rock takes us along an unusual and astonishing path that is far from being short of daring glances into vertiginous abysses and horizons that life brings to everybody. The narration is illuminated by great sensitivity that shows an exceptional attitude to life. His body hanging above depths, Franček Knez draws on the almighty ancient language – his understanding of the wild that might have been born at the rocky verge of the mighty face... Expressing a noble modesty of someone longing to near the universe of life, Franček Knez follows meticulously the path of attentiveness, the path of mind. Then, he also pledges his strength and skill to plough through the depth of what the conceited might call the truth. Illuminated Rock brings the writings of a man that has captured the art of movement... and at the same time embraces the knowledge of thought, senses, intuition. Illuminated Rock is the touch of the heights. For everybody experiencing longing in the frothing abyss of life...