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Isolanthis: A Novel About The Sinking Of The Continent
by Alma M. Karlin

  • original title: Isolanthis: Roman o potopu celine
  • first published in German in 1936, first published in Slovenian in 2012
  • 464 pages
  • rights available: world
Isolanthis: A Novel About The Sinking Of The Continent

With her novel Isolanthis, the cosmopolitan author Alma M. Karlin reaches into the mighty space of the highly developed civilisation of Atlantis. Following king’s death, a fight for power is ignited between his successors, only to be seasoned by the arrival of the King of the Dark Earth himself, Pharaoh Ramon Phtha. Schemes, power struggle, spirituality and unrequited love are combined in the story, portrayed in a beautifully crafted poetic language. Nevertheless, the novel boasts many other precious qualities, such as the author’s theosophical side inspired by Rudolf Steiner. The language of Alma M. Karlin brims with metaphors and stunning beauty, presenting the writer as a mentally and spiritually liberated woman who refused to yield to traditional roles. Beyond doubt, Alma M. Karlin was a creative spirit whose potency transcends the limits of time