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#Justice (The young believe in you, Justice.)
by Srečko Kosovel

  • original title: #Pravice (Mladi verujejo vate, Pravica.)
  • first published in 2012
  • 80 pages
  • Translated by David Brooks and Alenka Ropret
  • rights available: world
#Justice (The young believe in you, Justice.)

The victory of truth in cultural, humanism in economic, justice in social life will be the greatest triumph of modern mankind.

A selection of thoughts by Srečko Kosovel, terrifyingly topical and near fatal to today’s feigned ignorance. Like cosmic energy, they bring man to life. Forged by a poet of the Universe, a visionary, they are based on a world-embracing perspective.

    There are very few major European poets of the early twentieth century not already known to English-language audiences, but Srecko Kosovel is one.
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A selection of poems available in English translation.