Sanje Publishing

Miss Lie and Her Groom
by Fran Milčinski

  • original title: Laž in njen ženin
  • first published in 2008
  • 32 pages
  • illustrated by Ana Razpotnik Donati
  • rights sold: Colombia (Panamericana)
  • co-edition options
Miss Lie and Her Groom

A pearl of narration featuring roguish, clever twists listing one obscene joke after another in the company of full cups, and grand they are – the type of lies that make tongues of flame eat the sea surface, that make a giant egg appear out of thin air, and then a chicken, or, better, a hen being hatched having its legs longer than a stick and longer than a month and longer than a Grand-Bulgarian giant cucumber… And Miss Lie meets Mr Underlie. Shortly after they get joined in marriage, they have many many… many children. And gentle children of short hair they are, and likewise, if not even more so, of short legs…

Fran Milčinski's witty text is matched by just as witty illustrations by Ana Razpotnik Donati, one of the best Slovenian illustrators of the younger generation. Miss Lie and Her Groom received a special prize for Best Illustrated Book of 2009.

Sample pages are available in the attachement.

You can see a short video based on the illustrations in Miss Lie and Her Groom at this link – the text is interpreted by Fran Milčinski's son, Frane Milčinski – Ježek.

Fran Milčinski (1867—1932), also an acclaimed judge and excellent satirist, is today best remembered for his children’s and young adults’ works. His children’s tales are often based on traditional tales or storytelling patterns, but in the hands of one of the best Slovenian storytellers of all time, they acquire an unmistakeable Milčinski flair.

Ana Razpotnik Donati is a Slovenian illustrator who lives and works in Perugia, Italy. She illustrates picture books and children magazines, and also designs puppet theatre sceneries. She has exhibited her work widely in Slovenia and Italy, and won the Slovenian prize for Best Illustrated Book of 2009.