Sanje Publishing

Nightingale and Pomegranate
by Tjaša Koprivec

  • original title: Slavček in granatno jabolko
  • first published in 2012
  • 32 pages
  • illustrated by Polona Lovšin
  • rights available: world
  • co-edition options
Nightingale and Pomegranate

Nightingale, the songbird, the praises of which has been sung for centuries (by the likes of Homer, Ovid, Virgil, as well as Eliot, Milton and Keats) one day perceives a red fruit. Ever since, its confined throat sings of nothing but melancholy, the nightingale feeling the desire for the exquisiteness possessed by the adored pomegranate. The fruit awakens, enticed by the song of the bird that can feel the sky, the bird of whose charm lovers speak at dawn... Likewise, the shiny pomegranate wishes for what nature has not endowed it with. Then, the earth awakens in unease. Riverbeds burst, the mighty sea collides with mountaintops, bells fall silent.

Sample pages of the book are available in the attachement.

Tjaša Koprivec is a poet, editor, storyteller, author of fairy tales, host of literary talks and radio presenter. She wrote the collection of poems Ostanejo naj le konci prstov in zrna rose and recorded the eponymous audio book. In 2012 she shaped a tale in verse (in a collaboration with the sensitive illustrator Polona Lovšin), which builds the awareness of own power and of beauty on two strong symbols.

Polona Lovšin is an academy-trained painter. In the past decade, her heartfelt illustrations have been featured in numerous picture books for children, thus winning her acclaim in Slovenia and abroad. She has exhibited her works at Bologna Book Fair, and biennials of illustration in Slovenia, Slovakia and Japan.