Sanje Publishing

No Impossible Ways
by Tomaž Humar

  • original title: Ni nemogočih poti
  • new updated edition published in 2010
  • 232 pages, hardcover
  • rights available: world, coedition options
No Impossible Ways

“Humar is one of the greatest mountaineers in the world. I consider his ascent of Dhaulagiri south face the greatest achievement in the history of climbing in the Himalayas.” - Reinhold Messner

In 2001, following his victorious ascent of Dhaulagiri and his catastrophic fall while working on his house, Tomaž Humar released his autobiography No Impossible Ways. The juicy and direct narrative listing the major ascents of his career provides the readers with an insight into the life of a major mountaineer of our time. The new, updated edition also comprises a list of his major ascents after 2002 and two new texts written by Humar's friends and mountaineering colleagues, Carlos Carsolio and Reinhold Messner.

... Back then, surely, it wasn't a coincidence that I ended up in the mountains. Soon I found my altar in mountain faces, and my prayer in what at first was risky climbing. It was the beginning of a new life. ...

This is what the mountains narrated. And the blood in the core of the body. This is how the encounter with oneself was expressed by sharp senses of the natural force called Tomaž Humar.