Sanje Publishing

On the White Wall
by Urban Golob

  • original title: Na beli steni
  • autobiographical novel
  • first published in 2004
  • 96 pages
  • rights available: world
  • sample translation available in English
On the White Wall

On the White Wall intertwines two parallel stories: a chronicle of a climbing expedition bound for the yet unconquered Peak 41 in the Himalayas, and that of the cancer that had almost killed Golob at the age of nine: it was alpinism that helped him survive. It is this particular viewpoint which, along with the highly personal style, contributes to the originality of the novel.

»The boy had a grandfather. He called him gramps. Or grampy-grey. Even from his earliest, foggiest memories the boy can see his gramps, the way he himself would sit on the one knee that was crossed over the other. Holding each other’s hands for support, he would go horseback riding on grandpa’s insteps. It was like he was on one of those real horses that he’d seen somewhere before. He rode on grandpa’s knees into the wide, wide world«