Sanje Publishing

Sundial: Collected Poems
by Frane Milčinski - Ježek

  • original title: Sončna ura
  • first published in 1997, several reprints and re-editions, present edition published in 2011
  • 672 pages
  • rights available: world


Sundial: Collected Poems

Sundial brings together, for the first time, Ježek’s poems, song lyrics and other verse texts. His poetry is simple, humanly and socially involved, full of humour and often at its most funny when it is the saddest.

Selected poems are available in English translation.

Luck Lives on the Seventh Floor (lyrics)

You can’t buy luck
At a news-stand
Likeacrime paperback
Or the latest GQ (…)

It’s not something you find
In a supermarket
To pick off the shelf, pay as you leave (…)

Luck lives on the seventh floor,
The lift’s out of order so we have to walk …

(transl. by Oliver Sims)