Sanje Publishing

The Ana D Book
by Darč Dretnik

  • original title: Knjiga Ana D
  • novel
  • first published in 2007
  • 360 pages
  • rights available: world
  • available in English translation
The Ana D Book

The Ana D Book is both a love story and a social-critical novel on incest, corruption (inspired by the Siemens affair that Dretnik researched even before it burst into public view), quest for purity and disillusionment at the time of transition from totalitarianisms to globalism, just after the turn of the century in Central Europe (the book is set in Ljubljana, Vienna, Vorarlberg and the Balkans).

The anti-hero of Ana D faces extreme situations and his reactions are, accordingly, extreme. His sensitivity makes him see more, both in the world around him and in himself, than he is able to bear. A poetic story on the loss of love and of oneself, interweaving literary reminiscences and references to precise contemporary events.

This writer doesn’t deal with things we don’t want to think about, but with those we don’t even allow ourselves to think about.
(a reader’s comment on Dretnik’s homepage)