Sanje Publishing

The God Child’s Sandpit
by Desa Muck

  • original title: Peskovnik Boga Otroka
  • novel
  • first published in 2006
  • Slovenian bestseller
  • 184 pages
  • rights available: world
The God Child’s Sandpit

Nowadays, everyone can invent their own religion or philosophy if only they have the time and the imagination. And when one has reached the bottom, this may seem like a good idea. Soon after Mila, unemployed single mother and all-round loser, starts sampling spirituality on offer in contemporary society (from traditional Catholicism to self-proclaimed new-age gurus), she finds herself at the head of a brand new, outrageously successful sect worshipping the God Child. The idea is simple and appealing: our world was created by the God Child who is still learning and that is why things do not always work out as they should, but we are learning together with Him. This seems to be IT. But things do not work out exactly as they should for Mila.

Insightful, disturbing and hilarious novel by the bestselling Slovenian author Desa Muck.