Sanje Publishing

Mister and The Pear
by Fran Milčinski

  • original title: Gospod in hruška
  • children's book
  • 32 pages
  • illustrated by Suzi Bricelj
  • first published in 2007
  • rights available: world
  • co-edition options
Mister and The Pear

Whatever can happen if Mister is too lazy to step into his own garden to pick a pear? A hilarious comedy of manners starring a bear, a hunter, a stick, and more… until in the final crescendo everybody stomps off, leaving Mister quite alone and with his precious pears all trampled to the ground.

The stick bowed to the ground and danced out. Outside the door it stumbled over the hunter sitting there and fell on all fours. The hunter helped it to its feet, dusted it and then asked where it was going in such a hurry. 'Er,'? said the stick, somewhat ashamed, 'I'm to hit you.'

Sample pages of the book are available in the attachement.

Fran Milčinski (1867—1932), also an acclaimed judge and excellent satirist, is today best remembered for his children’s and young adults’ works. His children’s tales are often based on traditional tales or storytelling patterns, but in the hands of one of the best Slovenian storytellers of all time, they acquire an unmistakeable Milčinski flair.

Suzi Bricelj is a prominent Slovenian illustrator of children books. Her portfolio includes a number of Slovenian classics like Martin Krpan, as well as a collection of the most beautiful tales from around the world. She has received several prizes, including two student awards and major Slovenian awards for illustration: Zlata ptica, Hinko Smrekar medallion and Original Slovenian Picture Book of 2009.